NetExec V2.1

NetExec V2.1 improves support for personalized desktop settings. It is now possible to use a user-specific background images for each desktop.

New in NetExec V2.0

NetExec V2.0 has been completely redesigned to support UNICODE and offers a lot of new options like logon scripts, mapping of home drives and session-specific DOS devices:

New in NetExec V1.61

NetExec V1.61 enables you to prevent your CustomClients of beeing misused by including MD5 checksums over the target to execute. It also contains a workaround for a bug in Windows 2000 SP3 that causes problems if executing 16 bit apps.

New in NetExec V1.6

In Version 1.6 especially user interface improvements have been implemented.

New in NetExec V1.51

NetExec V1.51 contains some small bug fixes and a lot of improvements for CustomClient-Creator.

New in NetExec V1.5

NetExec V1.5 has been improved for Windows XP and contains a new CustomClient-Creator.

New in NetExec V1.45

Compared to V1.34 NetExec 1.45 brings you a lot of improvements: